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Life Insurance Smart Choice

Protecting your family with term life insurance is the best choice you can make—but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With in one minute, our term life insurance calculator will let you know how much coverage you need for your family.

Why Term Life Insurance?

Term life insurance is a tool to protect your loved ones financially if you pass away. Your family invests the insurance payout, using the interest earned to take care of their financial needs. Whole life insurance costs hundreds more a month and gives you a terrible return. Instead, pay a fraction of the cost for term life insurance. Then you’re free to choose your investments.

Cost of Term Life Insurance

Fortunately, most term life insurance costs a lot less than people think. The price is based on:

  • Age—the longer you put off life insurance, the more expensive it gets

  • Health—the healthier you are, the better the rates

  • Coverage Amount—usually 12 times your annual income

  • Term— the length of time you have the insurance policy (usually 15–30 years) 


Our Term Life Insurance Calculator in 3 Steps

Answer a Few Questions

Calculate Your Coverage

Find the Best Policy

This site and its tools are provided for generalized informational and illustrative purposes only. The tools offered on this site are designed to provide accurate information, but your individual situation may necessitate analysis of additional factors not accounted for by this site or its tools. When making decisions regarding insurance coverage or considering the information provided by this tool, you should consult licensed professionals. ShieldPolicy, LLC, and its affiliates, do not provide legal, accounting or other professional advice. The information generated by this tool depends upon the information you supply, and, therefore, we do not warrant any results or information generated by this tool. 

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